Centralisation concerns

Article image - Centralisation concerns

The Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA) has announced a campaign that encourages communities to speak out regarding Government’s plans to centralise SA's planning and development system.

This legislation is scheduled to be debated in the House of Assembly this week, despite concerns voiced by the LGA and member Councils.

LGA CEO, Matt Pinnegar, said the government’s proposals included scrapping Council Development Plans and replacing traditional zoning rules with a single statewide planning and design code.

"Councils have backed the need for reforms to State planning laws for many years but we are concerned the Government’s model removes community input and has the potential to shift costs to Councils and ratepayers through infrastructure levies and an un-costed e-planning system.

“If the government gets its way, communities will have no voice and no choice when it comes to local planning.

“Our research clearly shows that communities want input on local planning issues and that Councils are best place to represent communities when it comes to planning.

“We have been disappointed that the Minister has so far resisted constructive LGA suggestions for a more inclusive planning system.”

Mr Pinnegar said the LGA still hoped the Minister would amend the Bill to give local communities greater say.