Managing employee performance*

The City of Ryde is located 12 kilometres northwest of central Sydney. There are 16 suburbs within the City, with a mix of residential living and successful business, retail and educational centres.

There is also a wide range of natural landscapes, beautiful parks, scenic waterways and areas of historical significance.
The City of Ryde employs about 600 staff – a mixture of fulltime, part time, casuals and volunteers. Council needed a better approach to managing the employee’s performance and also ensuring the employee’s performance was integrated with the overall performance of the council.

To support and enhance the wellbeing of its residents, the City of Ryde delivers a diverse range of products and services. Because of its considerable size and the broad range of activities it undertakes, it is a complex organisation to manage.

The challenge is to ensure the employee’s performance and councils performance are clearly aligned, and a performance management system capable of integrating these through a common set of measurable objectives and outcomes.

Employee Performance Management (EPM) (a module of PULSE), by LG Software Solutions, is a software module that manages the performance reviews and associated tasks of Council’s employee review process. The module integrates with Council’s own Corporate Performance through a series of Key Performance Indicators, Outcomes and Strategies that Council publishes through their statutory reports. By using PULSE, individual performance within the organisation is tightly aligned with overall organisational performance and, ultimately, organisational strategic success.

The City of Ryde has successfully implemented the solution across the entire organisation, saving countless hours and expense by automating and improving on an annual process that was previously completed independent of Councils own performance. For the staff at City of Ryde, use of EPM allowed a higher level of objectivity to be experienced throughout the staff appraisal process.

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