Improving efficiency

In a move to improve efficiency and convenience, Holroyd City Council has transitioned to an entirely online performance evaluation system.

The new system, PULSE, is cloud-based, meaning it can be accessed from anywhere, and encourages input from employees.
Manager Human Resources, Helen Connell, said the new system is a big advancement.

“The previous system had little input from employees, was not easy to access once saved in our paper management system, and was seen across the business as a ‘hassle’, which transpired into low completion rates by managers.

“From a HR perspective, trying to manage the administrative side of the process was a job in itself – any notion of trying to improve the effectiveness of performance goal setting and reviews was put aside by the time taken just to manage the paperwork and performance
review reporting.”

Ms Connell said in moving to PULSE, Council wanted to avoid the common trappings of traditional performance reviews, such as “it being a manager controlled processed, hierarchical, seen as biased, and generally a negative experience for most people.”

Ms Connell said the new system has resulted in transparency and simplicity.

Using cloud based software means employees now have access to view and update their goals at their own convenience, from their own computer, laptop, tablet device or phone.

Managers now have complete visibility over the goals of their reports at the click of the mouse.

Their Directors now also have complete visibility over the goals of their managers and their direct reports.

Employees are encouraged to use the system throughout the year to update their goals and to collect evidence towards rating outcomes.

“We still have our challenges in front of us – computer accessibility, lack of computer skills in some areas, although it has created better strategic alignment,” Ms Connell said.

PULSE has registered a 90 percent completion rate in the first roll out – the highest performance evaluation has ever been for Council.
“We feel we are one step closer in our goal to deliver an effective performance evaluation framework.

“PULSE will be the platform that will help us evolve our framework to be further focused on developing people, providing accurate and evidence based performance feedback, and improved strategic alignment.

“After all, getting it right with our employees equals success for our community and business.”