Embracing the future of libraries

The City of Stirling is embracing the exciting future of technology and helping to prepare the community and assist them in developing their technological skills through a variety of programs and workshops within its six libraries.

Members of the community can learn more about their technological devices through Stirling Library BEATS programs (Be E-smart and Tech Savvy).

BEATS iPad and iPhone workshops give an overview of Apple devices, as well as iCloud, the App Store, iBooks and iTunes.
BEATS Android workshops assist in familiarising device users with the many features of Android.

This includes learning how to use the Google Play Store, sending emails, browsing the internet, using your camera to take great photos, touchscreen operation, apps, widgets and much more.
Stirling Libraries are also assisting children in taking a new approach to learning. Through Robotics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workshops, children are learning to use science, maths and logic combined with basic programming and problem solving skills to control Sphero, a programmable spherical robot toy, and Edison a two wheeled robot compatible with LEGO.

Workshops with Sphero and Edison robots will challenge the knowledge and imagination of young minds.

Interested parties can access an array of e-Resources available for free through the Stirling website.

Patrons can browse through the online databases and download ebooks, e-Audio books and e-Magazines without leaving the comfort of their home.

Stirling libraries are currently working towards becoming a recognised eSmart library.

Becoming e-Smart means that council will have the ability to support users in their use of online technology, and provide them with the skills, knowledge and awareness required to be cyber safe.

The library promotes smart, safe and responsible use of technology through users’ day-to-day use of online environments, provision of cyber safety information, events and programs.