Proposed vibrant cultural centre

The City of Melville has announced it has a significant opportunity to create an innovative and iconic library and cultural centre that will provide engaging, connected and convenient services now and into the future.

City of Melville Mayor Russell Aubrey said the opportunity was part of the Melville City Centre Structure Plan, and the City’s Future Plan for Libraries, Museums and Local History Services 2010–2015, which identified the library as a key community hub in the City of Melville.

“This is a significant project for the Melville community, and an important investment in the wellbeing of our community.

“The facility will give the City of Melville community an opportunity to connect and engage in one central space – encompassing a library, municipal community museum and other community and cultural services.

“Our vision is to create a hub of culture and activity for the whole City to enjoy; a space that has strong social benefits, including a sense of connection and belonging, and one which is a safe and trusted, vibrant and accessible place that is inspiring and enriching.

“This facility will specifically address many of the City’s Corporate Plan and Strategic Community Plan objectives.”

The proposed library and cultural centre will form part of the Melville City Centre area, and is proposed to be located in the area between the current City of Melville Civic Centre and Garden City Shopping Centre, replacing the current Civic Square Library and Melville Discovery Centre.

The investigated functions and services for the new facility include the City’s main library, municipal/community museum, gallery and exhibition space, flexible community meeting rooms, the City’s customer service interface, Melville Volunteer Resource Centre, child health clinic, outdoor civic space, commercial café, theatre space and commercial/retail space.

Once the business case has been fully approved, the City will begin extensive community and stakeholder consultation, as part of the project-planning phase.

“Our vision is to create a hub of culture and activity for the whole City to enjoy,” Mayor Aubrey said.