Parks and Leisure Australia 2015 National Conference*

As far as Parks and Leisure industry events go, they don’t come much bigger than this.

The 19th Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA) National Conference, ‘INSPIRE and create the future together’ will be held on 25–28 October in Sydney.

This is an opportunity for PLA members to hear from industry leaders and share their plans for building healthy communities, protecting the environment, promoting sustainable living and positively transforming the places in which we live.

The colourful list of speakers will make for a highly entertaining and informative conference.

Super scientist, national living treasure and serial wearer of extremely loud shirts Dr Karl Kruszelnicki will convey his famous enthusiasm for life, the universe and everything.

Journalist and Presenter, Indira Naidoo will discuss her passion for helping community groups build their own thriving food gardens.

Adam G Williams will share his impressive Olympic sports venue planning/design experience.

After many years working in the Forensic division of the NSW Police Department, Peter Baines will tell of his rewarding new career; providing homes for kids who have lost their parents.

Retired Australian professional road bicycle racer, Stuart O’Grady OAM is bound to inspire, while 202020 Vision founder Ben Peacock will focus on his positive vision for the future and how companies, NGOs and governments can use the tools of strategy, sustainability and social media to take us there.

Amid these wide-ranging discussions, attendees will enjoy a Parks in Practice Masterclass and walking tour through the heart of Sydney to gain first-hand experience of the various management practices and innovations required when delivering high-quality public open space and amenities in Australia’s largest capital city.

In addition nine technical tours are on offer on the final day of the event.

Add to this a string of glittering social events at Sydney’s most exclusive bars and restaurants, culminating in the PLA ‘Awards of Excellence’ Dinner, and you have a National Conference well worth attending.  

To find out more visit or call (08) 8332 0130

*Copy supplied by Parks and Leisure Australia