Securing your unsealed roads future with one step*

Demands on local governments to improve efficiencies and spend less are being felt from government to ground level, with Works Officers and Asset Managers forced to reconsider dated practises in search of financially sustainable alternatives.

A large part of the budget is the cost of maintaining unsealed roads.
The diminishing availability of quality gravel for re-sheeting and sealing works means costs have skyrocketed, but in fact a large part of the cost of unsealed road maintenance is in sourcing and hauling new gravel to the site.

If a reduction in the purchase  price and freight of gravel is possible, major cost and time savings can be achieved.

Higher plant availability allows work crews to get more done for less, and fuel and labour savings result from a reduction in the need for re-sheeting, as well as much less damage from heavy truck usage on these roads.

Council budgets for dust suppression represent an activity that requires a new way of thinking.

Dust is mainly caused by the unsealed road running surface coming unstuck.

A sustainable attitude towards dust suppression is to make a road with a stronger running surface that stays strong in dry conditions and also does not deteriorate in wet weather.

Our dual award-winning solution makes this possible in one easy step.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is an innovative treatment that is added to the existing materials during unsealed road maintenance to create a water resistant, tightly bound pavement.

Backed by distributors around Australia committed to achieving the best results for every customer, PolyCom is a simple, Occupational Health and Safety and environment compliant solution that can be applied by any works crew.

Only the council’s existing road plant is required.

In the ongoing journey towards local government reform, councils are being asked to consider new ways of working.

The PolyCom road maintenance system is fast becoming best practise, allowing councils to save time, money and resources.
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*Copy supplied by Earthco