Recycling, Its Sorted

Recently Glamorgan Spring Bay Council (GSBC) received grants from Keep Australia Beautiful (KAB) Tasmania and the Keep Australia Beautiful, Beverage Container Recycling Community Grants, funded by Coca Cola, to improve recycling opportunities in the municipality.

KAB Tasmania provided funds to purchase public recycling bins in Buckland, Orford and Triabunna.

The recycling bins have been installed in areas that receive a high number of local and out of area visitors including picnickers, beach users and roadside rest area users.

Customised signs were designed to specify exactly how to separate waste from recycling in public places.

Works staff reported not only an increase in recycling collected but also a lower rate of contamination in the recycling.

KAB Tasmania and the KAB Coca Cola grant also provided funds for the ‘It’s Sorted’ project for Swansea Triabunna, Bicheno and Orford schools.

‘It’s Sorted’ was a collaborative project between GSBC and Swansea Tidy Towns and provided classroom resource separation bins and workshops for every school in GSB.

All schools have reported a significant increase in the amount of recycling collected.

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council intends to install more public recycling bins as part of the overall objective of keeping their beautiful region litter free.