Fleet undergoes refurbishment

Mount Isa City Council’s waste management fleet is undergoing a long overdue refurbishment.

The vehicles have been put on a systematic rotation to a Brisbane based re-fitter to receive updated technologies and new chassis.

With the upgrades taking place over a four-month period Mayor Tony McGrady said that while the transition would mean possible interruption to services, all residents would continue to have their bins emptied on a twice weekly basis.

“Despite the use of a backup truck we will still be down a vehicle at any one time over the course of the upgrade and as such some residents will unfortunately be inconvenienced during this time.

“The isolation of living in a regional city has played a large part in the duration of the upgrade.

“The waste management fleet are highly mechanical vehicles that are subject to a lot of wear and tear.”

The refit will ensure that the current trialled and proven system, which is non-dependant on electronics will be retained, enabling the fleet to become more reliable and more compatible with the harsh environment for which it is utilised.

“Delivery of the second of the Mobile Garbage Bin Compactor Units occurs on Monday next week bringing the upgrade to two of three of the fleet with the final unit being transported out for refurbishment on the same day.

“The refurbished vehicles are performing well with the added advantage of technology reliability by using reengineered older technology.”

Council will also take delivery of its first purpose–built tandem axel water truck. The truck is fitted with a remote controlled water cannon and pressured spray bars for various purposes including grass fire fighting and earthworks.

Councillor McGrady said the water truck would also serve as a backup unit using bore and treated effluent water on parks and medians in times of drought.  

Mount Isa City Council is committed to continuing to provide the people of Mount Isa with an effective Waste Management System and appreciates the community’s patience and understanding during this transition period.