Drainage basin upgrade

As part of the City of South Perth’s Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) projects, the drainage basin in local park Doneraile Reserve, Waterford will be upgraded to better treat stormwater runoff and groundwater.

The upgrade to the basin will include perimeter vegetation and general improvement in water quality.

The project will help protect both the local environment and the Canning River.

Doneraile Reserve’s WSUD plan consists of a series of components
in sequence.

First is an underground gross pollutant trap (GPT) that removes litter, vegetation matter and coarse sediments from stormwater.
Second is a sedimentation basin that allows fine sediment to settle and splits the flow of water.

Plants and microbes in the vegetated low-flow zones treat the water by removing nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus in addition to hydrocarbons and metals.

High flows are bypassed to the open water zone, which allows energy dissipation, settling of solids and protection of the vegetated zone from scouring

Water in the outflow zone is slowly discharged to the Canning River.
This project has taken place in collaboration with the City of South Perth and external consultants.

The end result will be improved functioning of the compensating basin that will better manage the stormwater it receives, while retaining amenity and biodiversity values in this very attractive South Perth Park.