Tackling youth unemployment

Holroyd City Council partnered with South West Connect, TAFE SWSi and TAFE WorldSkills to address youth unemployment and skills shortages in Sydney’s South West by hosting the 2015 Seek A Skill Careers Expo in March.

The two-day event gave more than 1200 local students from Holroyd, Fairfield and Liverpool, the opportunity to receive a unique and interactive ‘hands on’ insight into a trade, job or industry.

Holroyd City Council Mayor Greg Cummings said a total of 42 exhibitors from a wide range of trades and industries passed on valuable information, tips and experience about their respective careers and career paths.

“The expo provided a great chance for students to learn first-hand about all types of different jobs and industries, what’s involved in them and the best ways they can reach their career goals.”

At carpentry exhibits students were taught practical skills like correctly sawing a piece of wood and shown how to use a drill press properly, whilst at the automotive exhibit students were timed on how quickly they could change a tyre.

Most exhibitors planned activities that interacted well with the students.

The event is part of Holroyd Council’s commitment to tackling youth unemployment and skills shortages in the area and will continue to engage with young people in the community to give them the opportunity to connect with employers, build their employability skills, and to be provided with valuable information on careers.

The Expo also saw the launch of exciting new mobile technology, which allows local jobseekers to connect with businesses that need workers in the area.
Developed in Australia, the WORKible app reduces the complexity of connection and awareness and significantly reduces both costs and time for businesses looking to hire and allows jobseekers to find out about local jobs easily, wherever they are.

Using WORKible, Holroyd City jobseekers can join the Holroyd City Shortlist to find work in the community.  

The app is the ideal tool for young jobseekers that need to work around school, college or university hours, working parents and carers.