Memorable face-to-face learning*

Online learning for professional development is convenient, scalable and, on the surface, cost efficient.

So why not invest large sums of money into online training for these very reasons? People.

Traditionalists of learning will argue that people are social beings, and communication is made of up 60 percent non-verbal queues, which is key to embedded learning and long-term memory.

When was the last time you undertook professional development training online?

Take a second to think of the experience.

Did you retain your learning?

Did you enjoy the experience?

Abraham Lincoln famously said ‘If I had six hours to chop down a tree I would spend the first four hours sharpening the axe’.

At PiCS we believe online learning, in a social context, combined with face-to-face delivery is the ideal method of maintaining a sharp axe.

We seek experts in their field to deliver face-to-face workshops that stretch participants and lay foundations for improvement in their roles and workplaces.

Our public workshops are set in comfortable, modern venues where networking, sharing experiences and sharing ideas is encouraged.

Our in-house programs are designed with the organisation in mind to ensure maximum gains and benefits are realised.

PiCS has delivered professional development workshops to council staff, government and private organisations for over 19 years.

We specialise in Office Support, Leadership, Customer Service and Library Management.

Our website will provide you with our current Public Program.

Should you be interested in how we might be able to assist your Council’s professional development please contact Viv at or call 0408 539 558.

*Copy supplied by PiCS