drumMUSTER celebrates 25 million drums

Article image - drumMUSTER celebrates 25 million drums Nathan Davey, Kevin Ryan, Doug Sewell and Bevan Henderson at the Goomalling collection site.

When Konnongorring farmer Nathan Davey delivered drumMUSTER’s 25 millionth drum on 20 March 2015 to the Goomalling collection site, he had no idea what it signified for the thousands of people involved with the program over the past 16 years.

For students at Goomalling Primary School and Sacred Heart Catholic School, it meant Nathan’s drums would contribute valuable funds towards school camps, equipment and other essential needs.

“I started using drumMUSTER because the property I bought was littered with drums from the previous owner,” said Mr Davey.

“I now seek out drumMUSTER eligible containers because I know the program aligns itself with high quality chemicals.”

For Doug Sewell, President of Goomalling Shire Council and long-time drumMUSTER supporter and inspector, the milestone container indicated a job well done.

“Not only did Nathan deliver the 25 millionth drum, but he was also the first person to deliver his agvet containers to the Goomalling collection site when it first opened in April 2002.

“Over 80,000 empty containers have been collected by the council since then, with 80 percent of chemical users in the Goomalling district participating in the program.

“When we first started, farmers would turn up with dirty containers in a jumble.

“Now they know to properly rinse and sort them before delivery.

“This makes my job so much easier.”

25 million containers represents over 30,000 tonnes of materials which have avoided landfill.

Once collected, the containers are shredded or granulated and transformed into new products like plastic cable covers, wheelie bins, road signs and bollards.

The new milestone comes less than two years after drumMUSTER received the 20 millionth drum in NSW, signifying the incredible growth the program has experienced.

The record was celebrated with an event on 25 March 2015 in Guildford, Western Australia, to thank all the people and communities involved in the program’s success.