Courses to help staff excel*

Councils are increasingly being ‘gifted’ difficult policy areas by state governments across the country.

Strengthening the skills of your existing staff to design strong, efficient policy and deal with a complex array of stakeholders isn’t always easy.

To help councils rise to the challenge, Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University has opened up its Executive Education courses to local government professionals across Australia.

Ranging from half-day workshops through to three-day intensives, each course is designed to meet the specific needs of policymakers across the public sector.

Courses address diverse subjects from designing and implementing policy, to scenario planning and understanding data
and statistics.

Vicki Veness, Manager of Executive Education at the Crawford School of Public Policy, said that Local Government has some of the greatest challenges in developing policy and managing stakeholders.

“Drawing on Australia’s leading academics and practitioners we are in a unique position to give council staff the knowledge and skills to negotiate the intense pressure on local government.

“Your staff might need to navigate areas beyond their previous experience, or your senior management team might need to finesse their high-level skills.

“The difficulty-level is listed on the website along with a full outline so you can easily match your needs to the courses.”

Introductory to advanced level courses are held in Canberra throughout the year.

For a calendar of upcoming courses and specific details, visit:

*Copy supplied by the Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University