Waste under control

The City of Boroondara has recently purchased a new yard tractor to handle waste transfers to its busy waste and recycling depot in Victoria.

The decision to purchase the yard tractor was based on productivity and safety.
According to Council representatives Wes Gunn and Rob Browne there are up to 20 waste trailer movements out of the depot each day.

The yard tractor, a Terberg YT220 series, can on average move three trailers in the time it would take a conventional on-road prime mover to move just one.

It features easy access, excellent visibility from the cab and a sharp turning radius.

It has been fitted with a 320 litre hydraulic tank, Power take-off  (PTO) and pump together with hydraluic hosing and a special electrical switch console to allow the operator to control the complex hydraulic demands of the auxiliary and main rear doors and ejector blade in the trailer.