New ponds for Gungahlin

Article image - New ponds for Gungahlin Australian Capital Territory legislative assembly member Meegan Fitzharris speaking at the launch of the Gungahlin Valley Ponds

Australian Capital Territory legislative assembly member Meegan Fitzharris joined members of the local school and Indigenous communities and the Gungahlin community Council to officially launch the Gungahlin Valley Ponds.

“The ponds were made possible through $6.5 million in funding from the ACT Government.

“This site has a rich cultural history and I am pleased to see this recognised through interpretative learning signs throughout
the ponds.

“The ponds will improve the water quality in the Ginninderra Catchment and will create habitat for local urban biodiversity, including fish, frogs and water bugs.”

The construction of water quality pollution control ponds removes nutrients and other pollutants from waterways, protecting receiving water bodies
and rivers.

The Valley Ponds captures polluted water draining the Gungahlin Town Centre and removing pollutants before the water flows into Gungahlin Pond, water which then flows into Lake Ginninderra and then into the Murrumbidgee River.
Ms Fitzharris was joined by students and staff from the Burgmann School and Gungahlin College, who will benefit from the outdoor learning space within the ponds.

With the recent construction of the Gungahlin Leisure Centre and sports ground, the ponds will provide a complementary naturalised environment within an urban environment for use by the public.

“This is a great facility for the local Gungahlin community, and I hope to see many families and community members down here enjoying the wonderful recreational space it provides.”