Collaboration underpins benefits from C-ITS*

Technology and information systems are reshaping our society: how we interact with each other, how we keep informed about what’s happening in the world and how we go about our lives.

The same developments in technology and information flows are reshaping the future of traffic management.

New communication technologies, collectively known as Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), involve the sharing of real time information between vehicles and roadside infrastructure such as traffic lights.

We will start to see the importation of C-ITS enabled vehicles next year and Austroads has been at the forefront of developing the policy and operational framework to support the introduction of the system into Australia and New Zealand.

Chief Executive, Nick Koukoulas, says C-ITS will provide significant benefits for both road users and network managers, however its introduction is challenging.

“The technology has the potential to improve road safety for all users.

“Drivers over the crests of hills or around bends can be warned of risks on the road ahead.

“Connected roadside infrastructure, such as traffic signals, railway level crossings and weather stations will be able to communicate directly with vehicles.

“C-ITS can also improve capacity and efficiency of the road network, reduce traffic congestion and decrease carbon emissions.”

Local government will play a key role in the introduction of C-ITS and council transport planners and road safety officers will find their decision making supported by the data produced by the systems.

But C-ITS’s success depends on the delivery of consistent management practices across road networks managed by different entities including local and state government and private roadway operators.

“Austroads, through its Network Program, is working to harmonise traffic management practice across Australia and New Zealand.

“This is an essential component to providing a consistent platform for vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.”

Later this year Austroads will release an Intelligent Transport Systems Road Map, developed collaboratively by road agencies, which will show the types and timing of activities to be rolled out.

In the meantime Austroads C-ITS reports can be downloaded from

*Copy supplied by Austroads