School crossing supervisor campaign

Article image - School crossing supervisor campaign A still from the City of Boroondara video advertisement

The City of Boroondara is running a campaign to recruit more School Crossing Supervisors.

As part of the current ‘Gotta Go’ campaign, the City of Boroondara has produced a series of videos promoting the role as a great way of contributing and connecting with your community.

The videos target young people, mums and dads as well as older audiences and are being promoted via social media, local cinemas and digital displays.

Media interest in the campaign has been strong across metro TV, radio and print driving a major boost in awareness and enquiries.

Attracting and retaining enough School Crossing Supervisors has been a challenge for local governments Victoria-wide.

The campaign has so far been a success with 21 new recruits in 2014, plus 15 more applications being processed early in 2015.

This compares to an average of six recruits in the previous two years using traditional communication methods.

The videos are also available at, and on the City of Boroondara’s YouTube channel.

Due to strong demand across the sector the videos and supporting print material have been adapted so other councils can benefit and use them in their own communication departments.