New software in procurement process

An important step was taken in the Maranoa Regional Council procurement process review when it was resolved that a new software system would be acquired as part of a suite of initiatives to increase the efficiency of purchasing activities.

The system ‘Vendor Panel’ is a government approved, web-based procurement product that will facilitate a number of improved functions for Council and the community.

Whilst there will be implementation work to be undertaken, it will provide another important opportunity for business based locally and outside of the region who have registered with the system to supply quotes for goods and services, therefore expanding their prospects to supply for Council.

Mayor Robert Loughnan said the new system is an important investment and just one part of a suite of upcoming advancements that commenced with Council’s new Procurement Policy.

“This new program will be of great benefit to Council and the community in terms of increased transparency, consistency and the centralised management of Council’s relationships and suppliers.

“It will improve the administrative side of the procurement process for both Council and businesses putting in for work.

“Currently, Council obtains quotations for its purchases using manual processes which are time consuming for Council and business and can lead to integrity issues surrounding sensitive commercial information.

“Council will be able to use this tool to more efficiently manage a range of procurement relationships, including with pre-qualified suppliers or informal supplier pools.

“The system also ensures compliance requirements, including insurance and licensing are met, as well as ensuring consistency during the quotation process.

“The review will continue over coming months with Council undertaking an upcoming pilot project, focussing on the area of water cartage, to trial new guides for local businesses, tender evaluation processes and data collection methods.”

Additionally, Vendor Panel will be able to generate reports around use, responses and business activity through the system – which can be used to support Council in responding to queries from businesses and the public as needed.

The purchase of the software system Vendor Panel has an initial start-up cost of $11,000 (inc. GST) and will be integrated into Council’s new website that is currently under development.