New e-newsletter adds to communications

A new e-newsletter is the latest addition to the suite of communication strategies used by Orange City Council to engage with the community.

The first e-newsletter was sent out to subscribers who signed up to receive the new free service via the council’s website, Facebook page or by replying directly to an email invitation.

Orange Mayor John Davis said it’s important for the council to be using a range of tools to engage with the local community.

“Our local traditional media do a good job, but gone are the days when organisations like Orange City Council have to wait to see what’s reported by others to get our message across.

“With websites, social media and e-newsletters, there are so many ways to stay in touch and follow the topics you’re interested in.

“Whether you work with a desktop computer, carry a mobile phone, or simply like to browse the web on your laptop while sitting on the couch at home, an e-newsletter is becoming a popular way of staying in touch for many Australians.

“Rather than ploughing through dozens of emails, an e-newsletter lets people skim through and then read about the topics they’re interested in.”

Orange’s City Council’s first e-newsletter covered some of the highlights of a recent mid-term review.

Future editions will let subscribers watch video clips and receive email alerts about important council events.

“A number of the councilors commented that it was good to look back over the first two years of this council term and see the achievements that had been made.

“There’s much that the councilors and council staff can be proud of, but we can only expect a handful of people will read through the entire 52-page review document.”

Orange City Council’s website is recording around 60,000 visits a month.
There are also more than 30 Facebook pages with more than 13,000 ‘Likes’ as well as a Twitter feed.