Interactive mapping site

Article image - Interactive mapping site Whitehorse City Council’s new online mapping website

Whitehorse City Council has launched a new interactive mapping site called Whitehorse Maps, which has replaced the previous Mapping – GIS Online site.

Whitehorse Councillor Philip Daw said the new mapping site was a great way for residents to explore their neighbourhood and easily access information about local services and Council facilities.

“By simply typing their address into the search box, residents will have access to information about everything from public transport routes to local parks, libraries and health centres to waste collection days.

“The site also includes an exciting new feature using historic imagery from the 1960s that allows people to see what their suburb looked like 50 or so years ago.”

The theme of the site is ‘Search, View, Explore’ and it allows residents to find out information about their immediate vicinity and the municipality starting with their own address.

The mapping site enables residents to determine their service and collection days for household waste, recyclables and garden organics; ward and councillor information; and the popular indigenous plant listing which was first launched in 2010.

Residents can type an address into the search box and select the relevant result from the results list.

The search box may also be used for other searches including parks, pre-schools and libraries.

Using the quick-click menus, residents can also identify facilities closest to their address, such as the closest Council Service Centre, Maternal Child and Health Centres, Community Nurseries and Recycling and Waste Centres.

There is also information available on public transport routes so residents can determine the stops closest to their house.

The mapping site also includes a feature that allows people to see an aerial view of the city displaying high quality imagery of buildings, parks and suburbs.