Exciting changes coming with GIS

Burdekin Shire Council’s Geographic Information System (GIS) is being upgraded in an effort to make it work more efficiently, both in the office and out in the field.

Council’s GIS Coordinator Michelle Scott has the task of installing the new platform and having it ready by June 30 this year.

Burdekin’s current mapping platform includes Exponare Enquiry for general users who need to search an address or lot, and MapInfo Professional for our technical users who need to perform data analysis.

A new mapping platform, ESRI, will provide Dekho, a similar general user mapping system to Exponar that will allow users to view pre-configured maps and perform address, road and lot on plan searches.

Dekho will also integrate with Council’s Property and Rating database, Records Management system, as well as the newly installed Asset Management System.

Burdekin’s technical users will perform their data analysis with ArcGIS for Desktop.
In addition to the functions and tools these users currently use with MapInfo, there will be several other functions available with ArcGIS for Desktop.

Some of these functions include 3D Analyst, Spatial Analyst and Network Analyst, giving users access to more tools and the ability to produce specific information to assist decision-makers.

A component of the ESRI platform, which Michelle is keen to explore and promote within Burdekin Shire Council, is mobility.

ESRI has a selection of apps which can be used on smart phones and tablets, as well as a software development kit which will enable Michelle to produce custom apps for Burdekin’s officers.

Officers will not only have access to GIS information in the field, but they also will be able to collect data which then can be brought back to the office to be further analysed or shared.

Council’s ESRI licence agreement also includes a subscription with ArcGIS Online.

This will offer the ability to build web applications that can be run anywhere, on any device that has internet access.

The functionality and capability of the ESRI platform will give Council the opportunity to work more efficiently and productively, both in the office and in the field, and ultimately providing a better service.

There will be training given to all staff using GIS once the new platform is up and running.

Michelle is excited by the potential of this new platform and knows it will allow Burdekin Shire Council to continue to grow its capabilities in this sector.