Council reducing emissions and odour

Article image - Council reducing emissions and odour Mayor, Cr Mark Greenhill with Councilís Waste & Resources Engineer, Sally Thompson.

Blue Mountains City Council has fired up a state of the art Landfill Gas Management system at Blaxland Waste Management Facility, to capture landfill gas emissions and help reduce odour at the City’s only landfill.  

Mayor Mark Greenhill said the installation of the landfill gas capture system will be a significant environmental outcome for the City.

“The system will reduce Council’s carbon pollution by treating landfill gas emissions and will help to reduce odour from landfill gas emissions at the site.

“The new landfill gas management system is just one of a suite of high tech and innovative solutions Council has put place at the Blaxland landfill to manage a modern waste facility.”

The first of its kind in the City, the landfill gas capture system was designed and installed by Australian company, LMS Energy Pty Ltd, a leading renewable energy and carbon-abatement company.

LMS have around 40 gas extraction systems that they manage across Australia.
“Council welcomes the industry partnership with LMS Energy to achieve a landfill gas solution. We are pleased with the high quality of work on this project.”

This is one of many waste management initiatives at Blaxland Waste Management Facility being rolled out by Council.

An extension of the landfill lining was completed in December 2014.

The lining will provide critical environmental protection and management of leachate, the liquid draining from the waste material into the landfill.

Works are also continuing to upgrade the gatehouse and improve recycling services on site.