Grants to help neighbours get together

Article image - Grants to help neighbours get together Brimbank community members enjoying a Neighbour Day event.

Brimbank City Council is encouraging residents to get to know their neighbours by offering grants for activities that will bring people together on annual Neighbour Day on Sunday 29 March.

Neighbour Day began in Melbourne as a reminder to check on elderly neighbours after the remains of a woman were found in her home two years after she had passed away.

Since then Neighbour Day has grown into a wider celebration of strong communities and friendly streets.

Now in its 12th year, Neighbour Day aims to remove social isolation and encourage people to look out for one another at a very local level.

Brimbank City Council’s Chair of Administrators John Watson said 20 grants of up to $250 will be available to residents who organise a local activity that will help those living nearby connect with each another.

“A key objective of Council is community wellbeing and Neighbour Day can help achieve this by connecting people and creating safer, healthier and welcoming local areas.

“Anyone planning a fun activity to get people together on Neighbour Day, whether it be a barbecue or a sports game in a local park, should consider applying for a grant to assist with running the event.

“To be successful grant applications will need to show how the event will connect and encourage community participation at a local level and detail what they plan to spend the money on.

“The grants can’t be used to purchase some items such as alcohol.”
A simple application process has been developed for the Neighbour Day grants to make it as easy as possible for people to apply.

Other resources available include invitation postcards for inviting neighbours to your event when you aren’t able to let them know in person.