Digital future with paid parking app

The City of Gold Coast continues to lead the digital way with the introduction of world-class pay-by-app parking technology.

Mayor Tom Tate said the use of the PayStay App was part of the City’s broader investment in smarter parking infrastructure that would keep the city moving.

“We are an innovative city and we wanted parking technology that keeps up with digital trends.

“Customers will still have the option to pay with coins or credit card but this App is more in line with where we are headed in the future.

“It’s also the right fit for the ticketless parking meters we are introducing across the city.”

Mayor Tate said motorists using the PayStay App would only pay for the time they used.

“Not only does this App take away the need to use a parking meter but means you’ll never walk away with time left on the clock you’ve paid for.

“Using the App is simple.

“Enter your four digit parking bay number then press start to begin the parking session and press stop when you leave.

“App users can also ask to receive SMS reminders of approaching time limits, so they know if their time is running out.”

Mayor Tate said parking was set to become even more convenient later this year.

“Real-time parking availability and pricing information will be just a few clicks away by the end of 2015.

“We are currently installing 5000 sensors across the city which will stream live data of available parking near the user’s location, sorted by price and proximity.”