Lighting up the LED market*

Article image - Lighting up the LED market*

Australasian LED Pty Ltd is lighting up the Industrial LED market and is fast becoming the champion for switched on Australian and New Zealand consumers.

Despite the company’s youth, Australasian LED Pty Ltd has already been identified as a key luminary in the design, distribution and installing of Industrial LED products.

Evidence of their recent success includes being awarded separate tenders for LED Lighting upgrades in Townsville at their premier recreational hubs the Strand, Castle Hill and Riverway.

The project is being hailed as a world leader in practical and applied LED public lighting for pathways in high profile locations.

Importantly for the Townsville community, the conversion to LED lighting will deliver clearer vision for public security and CCTV coverage by providing less glare and more direct light.

These projects have been a resounding success and the expanded use of LED lighting will ensure Townsville is using energy in a more sustainable way at the city’s most loved locations.

All up, 457 lights have been switched over to LEDs in the three locations and that represents an important commitment by the Townsville City Council to
reducing energy use.

Jointly funded by the council and the Federal Government through the Community Energy Efficiency Program the $613,000 initiative will deliver $50,000 in energy and maintenance savings annually.  

It is also calculated to reduce carbon emissions by 122.5 tons each year, which is equivalent to planting 42 acres of mature trees.

Integral to Australasian LED Pty Ltd’s success is the time and effort they placed on product research and development so as to meet AS/ANZ standards, together with their patented core technology to key components.  

This gives their products an innovative, technological edge without compromising on quality, safety or aesthetics.  

In addition Australasian LED was able to utilise local tradesman who provided terrific services.

Australasian LED Pty Ltd aims to help Australian and New Zealand consumers efficiently manage their energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint.

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