Innovative data collection technology

Mornington Peninsula Shire has recently implemented a new approach to asset data management that integrates and streamlines the processes of gathering and recording asset data.

Now all officers, whether in the office or in the field have 24/7 access to
real-time information.

“When the need for a mobile asset data collection and validation system arose, we looked to Hexagon Geospatial to work with us to implement a solution,” said David Smith, Project Manager for Renewal Planning.

Mornington Peninsula Shire has leveraged Hexagon Geospatial products and services within our GIS department for more than ten years.

“Hexagon Geospatial, in partnership with the Shire, deployed a solution based on GeoMedia® Smart Client that enables us to collect, manage, and share data securely.”

The new system allows external contractors to access Shire’s asset information in the field for the purposes of planning service delivery programs and updating records derived from condition assessments.

A further benefit to contractors comes from the use of semi-automated data collection forms with built-in validation functionalities, which have significantly reduced the need for the double handling of data inputs.

GeoMedia Smart Client is now the single tool for all users collecting data in the field.

Information is made available to internal personnel and external contractors alike.

The application’s ease of use enables even inexperienced GIS users to exploit the wealth of information contained in the asset database.

As a result, daily work has become more efficient, with time saved during data updates that can now be done on the fly.

Asset Management will continue to evolve, and for the Mornington Peninsula Shire this will include the development of more workflows within GeoMedia Smart Client to meet changing requirements.

Other Council departments are also expected to make use of the established solution within their areas of interest, such as bush land management, cultural heritage management, and others.