Efficiency provides return for Councils

South Australian Councils will receive almost $5 million in special performance bonuses this year from the Local Government Association of South Australian (LGASA) workers’ compensation, public liability and asset insurance arrangements.

Councils will receive a further record bonus distribution of $2 million from the Local Government Finance Authority.

LGASA President, Mayor David O’Loughlin said this points to the great efficiencies being achieved in Local Government.

“This is just a terrific result and underscores the benefits of Councils working together for a common good.

“It also is further indication to ratepayers that Councils are improving work practices and giving priority to achieving efficiencies.

“The Schemes rely on bulk savings and efficient operation with private sector input but these savings could not be achieved without Councils’ attention to minimising risks.

“The LGA Workers’ Compensation Scheme, which is delivering a special distribution of $1.4 million for 2014/15, continues to assist Councils to focus on workers’ health and safety issues via the application of mitigation strategies. “This has resulted in a reduction of injury claims numbers by 67 percent over the past two decades.

“The LGA Mutual Liability Scheme, which celebrates 25 years’ service, will pay Councils a special distribution of $1.5 million in the current financial year and the Asset Mutual Fund will return $2 million to Councils by way of bonuses.”

Mayor O’Loughlin said the results continue to demonstrate spectacular effort by Councils and the risk services schemes.