Building on sustainability

Article image - Building on sustainability Mornington Shire council staff

Mornington Shire Council in Queensland is building a more sustainable future by integrating measures to ensure their core objective remains focused towards innovative infrastructure needs and economic development.

As of June 2014, a new progressive executive team incorporating 89 percent indigenous staff is moving the region forward, while better positioning the organisation to ensure effective service delivery.

Mornington Shires Mayor Brad Wilson said council’s current discussions were based on a critical driver of the regions future prosperity.

“The need to increase the usage of asset productivity; enhancing infrastructure to boost economic growth and create jobs.

“Council is looking at an asset recycling initiative, which would see a substantial financial gain for the organisation, ‘recycling’ the proceeds into new productive infrastructure.”

Mornington Shire Council Chief Executive Officer Frank Mills said this is an important initiative to remove debilitating infrastructure bottlenecks, stimulate construction and drive real activity in the economy when it is most needed.

“It is imperative council reviews resources and invests in sustainable infrastructure projects to build the capacity the region needs for the 21st Century.”

Infrastructure Australia estimates that at least $100 billion in commercial infrastructure assets nationally are currently tied up and could be sold or used far more effectively.