Tasmanian Local Government election results

Article image - Tasmanian Local Government election results

Tasmanians have 14 new mayors across the states 29 councils following the results of the recent local government elections.

“We have one mayor new to Local Government and thirteen others that haven’t been in the role before,” said President of the Local Government Association of Tasmania, Mayor Barry Jarvis.

“It will take a little time for them to find their feet but I am sure that this refresh of Local Government will be beneficial and exciting for the sector.”

The elections saw 476 candidates nominated for 263 councillor positions, 91 candidates nominated 29 mayoral positions, and 143 candidates nominated for 29 mayoral positions.

The election results also saw an increase of women represented in local government, with nine of the 14 new mayors and nine deputy mayors female.

Mayor Jarvis said that the four-year terms would mean that councils could focus on strategic issues in their community.

“We will be able to approach issues with greater certainty and, ideally, greater commitment knowing that all elected members will be around for the full period.

“This is an important time in our State, and the fiscal constraints on the Federal and State Governments are going to present challenges to the Local Government sector as well.

“We must be strong and united as a sector and, as the new President of the Association, I will be working to ensure that we have all councils in the State involved in the important discussions that the sector will need to have.”

“I implore new mayors and elected members to take advantage of the professional development opportunities that will be made available to them through the Local Government Association over the coming months, to ensure that they can undertake their roles with the dexterity and professionalism required.

“We not only need a strong and robust sector but we need the people in the sector willing and wanting to take on new skills and concepts.”

Mayor Jarvis also expressed concern at the low voter turnout.

“The lack of participation in these elections will require further consideration on how to improve voter participation and this will be a discussion the sector should have prior to the next election.”