Service delivery review

Article image - Service delivery review Shire of Esperance officers participate in service review training. (From L-R Karen Naylor, Beth O’Callaghan, Jaye Jose and Ross Beckett)

In an effort to ensure continuous improvement and the highest possible level of efficiency in service delivery, the Shire of Esperance conducted a service delivery review workshop earlier this month.

In partnership with the University of Sydney: Centre for Local Government, shire officers participated in a three day workshop to learn how to conduct service delivery reviews.

This included how to identify current levels and drivers of service delivery, their relationship to the community based Strategic Community Plan and how to involve stakeholders in establishing priorities for services.  

Officers were taught how to improve their data collection and evaluation skills to determine challenges and opportunities that would support potential changes to existing levels of service or the way in which they are delivered.

The workshop was designed to teach the team at Esperance how to review current levels of service, identify future service delivery needs and work towards the delivery of efficient, compliant and sustainable levels of service.