Revised State-Local Government agreement

At the Ministerial and Mayors Dinner in September the MAV President, Coucillor Bill McArthur, signed the new VSLGA on behalf of local government, alongside the Premier, Dr Denis Napthine, and Minister for Local Government, Tim Bull.

The Agreement seeks to ensure that prior to the State making decisions to allocate councils new, revised or expanded roles and responsibilities, in depth consultation will occur.

A new Cabinet process will also be introduced to assess impacts on local government.

Before the last state election, the Coalition made a commitment to review the 2008 VSLGA to ensure it fulfills its purpose, has practical significance, and provides an overall framework for managing the ongoing relationship between the State and local government.

“A strengthened VSLGA has long been a priority for the MAV,” said MAV president Bill McArthur.

“With the Premier a signatory alongside the Minister, the government has demonstrated a stronger commitment to genuinely progress the VSLGA.

“The Agreement also establishes quarterly meetings between the MAV and the Minister to discuss successes and failures of parties to work in accordance with the VSLGA, as well as six-monthly written feedback reports.

“Other key changes include the requirement for the State to consult with local government on any material change to funding agreements that impact on councils.

“It makes clear the critical need for the State to consider councils’ capacity and resources when contemplating any new or revised responsibilities for the sector.

“The MAV is urging bipartisan support of the VSLGA following the state election. The Victorian Government’s goodwill should be supported by all political parties as a progressive way forward.”