A Focus on Performance

Article image - A Focus on Performance Mayor Barry Jarvis, President of the Local Government Association of Tasmania.

The Local Government Association of Tasmania (LGAT) is helping new mayors and councillors approach their new roles with confidence and professionalism through a numerous training opportunities.

One third of Tasmanian councillors have been newly elected and nearly fifty percent of mayors are new to the job following the results of the recent Tasmanian Local Government Elections.

LGAT has held two highly successful workshops with mayors.

‘Donning the Robes’ provided some key advice on the role and procedures for brand new mayors, and ‘Leading Performance’ provided both inspiration and tools for mayors to lead high performing councils.

LGAT President, Mayor Barry Jarvis said the sessions were extremely well attended, the mayors were highly engaged and all said they found it valuable, both in terms of learning and building a strong collegial network.

“It is great that the newer and younger mayors are able to meet those who are more experienced and identify mentors, and the enthusiasm in the room has brushed off on all of us, even if we have been mayor for a while.”

LGAT has also run a training course for new councillors.

‘Local Government 101’ had nearly 60 councillors in attendance and covered roles and responsibilities, strategic planning, pecuniary interests, meeting procedures and more.

This early training will be built upon with an elected member professional development weekend, scheduled for 28 February - 1 March 2015.

“It is fantastic to have so many new councillors attending training this early in their term,” said Mayor Jarvis.

“I think it shows the passion and commitment in Local Government, and the drive to deliver the best outcomes for communities”.