Petrol-powered bikes banned on NSW roads

Article image - Petrol-powered bikes banned on NSW roads An example of a petrol-powered bicycle provided by the NSW Centre for Road Safety

Petrol-powered bicycles have been banned from accessing New South Wales roads.

Introduced on Wednesday, 1 October 2014, all petrol-powered bicycles including bicycles powered by petrol or internal combustion engines, are banned on NSW roads, footpaths, shared paths, cycleways and cyclepaths due to the safety risk.

Dubbo City Council Chair of the Works and Services Committee, Councillor Lyn Griffiths said petrol-powered bicycles are a road safety issue that have caused serious injury and in some instances death.

“Testing has found petrol-powered bicycles operate more like a motorcycle and have the capability to travel at high speeds while only having the brakes and other safety components of a standard bicycle.

“Due to a higher speed capability petrol-powered bicycles take longer to stop than a standard bicycle greatly increasing the risk of a crash that impacts not only on the rider but also other road users.”

The ban includes all bicycles powered by petrol or any other type of internal combustion engine, whether the bike was purchased with the engine attached or the engine was attached after purchase.

NSW Police will have the power to apply a range of offences under the new legislation relating to police seizure of the unregistered vehicle.

The rider may also be liable for driving an uninsured vehicle on a road related area, driving without an appropriate license and driving an unregistered registerable vehicle on a road related area.

Clr Griffiths said bicycles whose primary source of power comes from the rider including regular bicycles, pedalecs with a maximum power output of 250W and electric power assisted pedal cycles with a maximum power output of 200W will remain legal on NSW roads.

“Petrol-powered bicycles are a serious road safety risk particularly in young hands and this ban will help ensure the safety of our state’s youth.”