Earthco projects wins Premiers award*

Article image - Earthco projects wins Premiers award* PolyCom Stabilising Aid wins the Regional Recognition Award at the 2014 Premierís Sustainability Awards.

Earthco Projects Pty Ltd has won the Premier’s Regional Recognition Award in the 2014 Premier’s Sustainability Awards for fostering a climate of collaboration to transform road maintenance by using the PolyCom Stabilising Aid.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid is an Australian-made road stabiliser, used for the construction and maintenance of sealed and unsealed roads, road shoulders, airstrips and other pavements.  

It is distributed in Victoria by Earthco Projects Pty Ltd.

A cost-effective and sustainable alternative to traditional soil stabilisation, PolyCom creates a stronger, longer lasting pavement and offers significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and maintenance expenses. It is environmentally inert and does not leach into soil or leave residue in water run-off.

Sustainability Victoria CEO, Stan Krpan, congratulated the Earthco Projects’ team for their innovative work, saying they were an excellent example of leadership in sustainability.

“Earthco Projects works closely with councils, industry and other road makers, helping them work together to develop an environmentally, financially and socially sustainable solution to road maintenance problems.”

Earthco Projects also partners with Swinburne University to research PolyCom’s performance in road maintenance.

They deliver on-site project support for works officers and engineers and sponsor a Municipal Works Officers Association (MWOA) skills enhancement program for training and mentoring of municipal workers.

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*Copy Supplied by Earthco