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In 2012 Clarence City Council developed the Simmons Park Master Plan that aimed to revitalise an underutilised waterfront open space into a regional park and playground.

With its picturesque riverside location and an active and diverse local community, Simmons Park was the ideal location to provide a playground that catered to all ages and abilities.

The KOMPAN proposal for Simmons Park represented a reimagining of what the tried and tested play equipment favourites could become.

The centrepieces – the Giant Birdsnest Swing and Giant Octanet –have become the major draw cards to the park.

These two items were the first of their kind installed in Tasmania and have been generating interest and excitement for the park.

Community response to the playground development has been overwhelmingly positive.

The Giant Octanet with its unique design and elevated position has become a landmark for Simmons Park and is covered in children of all ages at all times of the day.

The ability for the Giant Octanet and Birdsnest swing to accommodate large numbers of children at once means that school, child care and large family groups are now able to utilise the park for play outings and parties.

The Playtas Group facilitated the project in conjunction with Clarence City Council, Carolyn White from Playtas said

“To see a play space of this size and prestige in this naturally beautiful location is truly wonderful. I am sure many generations of children and families will enjoy this playground.”

The social play aspects that are inherent in the design of the equipment have also been a fantastic positive spin off for the park.

Children are encouraged to work together and interact to achieve the challenging goals of the equipment.

It has also been surprising and unique for parents and carers to be frequently engaging as equals with the play equipment as they follow their children up the Octanet and down the slide or climb on board the Giant Birdsnest Swing.

KOMPAN’s equipment was selected not only for its proven record of reliability and longevity but also for its ability to combine endless play opportunities into aesthetically simple, refined designs.

The local and onsite support provided by KOMPAN was integral to the timely delivery of the project through the design and construction phases.

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