Councils more than roads and rubbish

Local Government Association of South Australia (LGASA) President Mayor David O’Loughlin has said that people need to get over the myth that Councils are only responsible for roads, rates and rubbish.

Speaking at a an LGASA forum on Economic Development, Mayor O’Loughlin said he regularly heard calls for Councils to go back to basics, often described as ‘roads and rubbish’.

“Councils have always been about caring for and supporting communities to achieve everything they can, be it infrastructure, community services or a healthy local economy.”

Mayor O’Loughlin said that South Australia’s very first Council in the 1840‘s had operated an abattoir, water supply and markets as economic opportunities and also leased land for economic purposes.

“Councils and their supporters needed to question people holding local economies back, because in doing so they hold back the State and the Nation.
“We are there to fight for communities and our communities are comprised of all types of people, families, institutions, enterprises and employees, all looking for a better and more secure future.

“We have a role and we need to step up and be active in ensuring our cities are healthy desirable places in every aspect, including our local economies.”

The LGASA forum focused on developing Main Street environments, local tourism initiatives, tailored investment attraction packages, business networking and support services, developing trade relations with China and working with other councils on regional development strategies.

“These are just a small sample of the wide range of economic development activity Councils are working on, in addition to the day to day business of running local communities.

“Every business, large and small, exists in a Council area and they deserve our support and encouragement just like any other ratepayer.”