Bore water for greener parks

Article image - Bore water for greener parks Glencore’s chief operating officer Mike Westerman, Mount Isa Mayor Tony McGrady, and young athletes Josh and Jade Scott oversee the bore installation

Three of Mount Isa’s parks will soon be returned to their lush, green glory while helping save the city’s valuable water supply by switching to bore water.

Following two failed wet seasons in the region, leading to a massive increase in water costs imposed on the city’s residents, Mount Isa’s parks and gardens suffered as the city cut back on water consumption.

Since December 2013 less than 240 millimetres of rain fell in the district’s catchment areas, falling well short of what was required to fill catchment dams.

With three of the city’s most utilised parks, Sunset Oval, Captain James Cook Park and Parkside Playway Park now able to tap into bore resources, sporting groups and local residents couldn’t be happier.

Mount Isa Mayor Tony McGrady said he was delighted to see the project finally come to fruition.

“This has been a priority for Council for some time now and the benefits this will bring to the social and physical health of our residents and sporting groups will be immeasurable.

“With the lake levels on the decline, and no rain in sight, this project will allow for the greening and continued maintenance of some of the city’s best–used parks and sporting grounds.

“This project will not only benefit the sporting groups and individuals who train and engage in physical activity on these grounds, but help to reduce the amount of fresh water being used on parks now and in the future, and add to the overall beautification of the city.”

The program was funded through the Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program, Mount Isa City Council, and a grant from mining company Glencore Mount Isa Mines.