The Internet of Asset Management*

Society today is all about information.

It’s everywhere, at our fingertips, and we can connect with people across the world to buy and sell almost anything.

Except we still can’t connect with our asset management peers to share proven asset science!

The Internet of Asset Management will change this; a connected system based on standard data frameworks, search engines, and analytics that puts asset management information at our fingertips at the click of a button.

How many engineers over the last five years have done the same reliability analysis process on a piece of machinery and measured the reliability improvements that resulted over time?

How many maintenance planners over the last five years have developed world-class programs and measured the resulting efficiencies and safety improvements?

How many asset planners have investigated alternative treatments for local government infrastructure or equipment and identified huge savings in capital and outages?

A lot, that’s how many!

Imagine how powerful it would be if this information were available across local government agencies, with benchmarked results, proven processes, practices and procedures available to every place with an internet connection.
Imagine if we could leverage each other’s learning’s and grow together in an accelerated fashion.

This fundamental shift would improve asset management practice across the board exponentially.

At Assetic we believe the Internet of Asset Management is the future, and we are on the journey to enable this future state with our water solution.
Stay tuned!

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*Copy supplied by Assetic