Sunbury City Council finalised

Article image - Sunbury City Council finalised A map of the new Sunbury City Council

The Napthine Government has completed the formal gazettal of orders establishing the new Sunbury City Council from July 1 2015.

Local Government Minister Tim Bull welcomed the signing of the Order, which creates the new Sunbury City Council as a breakaway from the existing Hume City Council and sets the official boundaries for both municipalities.

“The orders formalise the distribution of assets and liabilities between Hume City Council and the new Sunbury council, as well as ensuring full proceeds from the sale of Racecourse Road reserve go to the new municipality.

"The orders also provide for a share of Melbourne Airport 'rates in lieu' revenue to go to the Sunbury council for the next ten years on the same proportionate basis the Sunbury community currently benefits from this revenue.

Mr Bull congratulated the new council's interim administrator Joanne Anderson and interim chief executive officer Vince Haining, who will take office from 1 July 2015.

Mr Haining previously worked as a CEO at Maribyrnong City Council and Ms Anderson a former administrator at Brimbank City Council and Benalla Rural City Council.

Mr Bull also commended Hume City Council for its cooperation and support during the separation process and said Local Government Victoria will continue to work closely with Hume during the transition period.

"The timeframe that has been set will provide Hume City Council with ample time to prepare for the separation of Sunbury by 1 July 2015 and also give certainty to both Sunbury and Hume communities by ensuring an orderly transition to the new municipal arrangements including continuity of services.”

The Sunbury out of Hume Panel report and boundary maps for both Hume and Sunbury city councils are available at