Successful end to pop-up project

Number 5, Hornsby Shire Council’s pop-up retail and exhibition space on the west side of Hornsby, has come to a successful end, with a permanent tenant about to move into the shop space.

“Our goal from the very beginning was to find a business to occupy that space full-time, as part of Council’s revitalisation of the west side of Hornsby,” Mayor Steve Russell said.

“We’re pleased to have done that, while we’re also very proud of everything that has been achieved by the pop-up over the past 12 months.

“Number 5 has been an injection of colour and variety, providing a significant boost to the art and business community throughout the area.”

Among the eclectic group of tenants to pass through the pop-up have been artists, musicians, photographers, performers, professionals and vendors.
Mayor Russell thanked the arts community, as well as all others who passed through the pop-up, for helping to make it a success.

“This is the perfect example of a project where cooperation brings mutual benefit.

“The artists and vendors received a space to showcase their talents and products, while bringing life to a space that would otherwise have been lifeless.”

An acupuncture business will soon move into 5 Coronation St, bringing Number 5 to an end, but Council is keen to do it all over again and is looking for another space to serve as a pop-up.