Rusty shelving can make you sick*

Food safety has always been critical in the Australian foodservice market.

It is often highlighted by media reports of customers falling ill after dining at establishments that have not adhered to food safety standards.

Improper storage or handling practices can lead to food contamination.

Even food that has been cooked can be tainted and result in illnesses.

Foodservice operators can avoid this by making seemingly simple choices that improve food safety practices to prevent their customers becoming sick.

Rusty wire shelving is an obvious sign of non-compliance to food safety standards and a red flag for health inspectors.

Wire shelving that is rusty can never be cleaned, which will then harbour harmful bacteria that can contaminate food. This leads to foodborne illnesses.

Often lack of airflow in coolrooms can create a build up of moisture, which in turn also contributes to bacteria growth.

Shelving with vents that can be easily cleaned will prevent these moisture buildups.

The simplest way for foodservice operators to be compliant is to invest in quality commercial food grade storage, like shelving that won’t rust and quality food grade containers that will protect and preserve the contents.

Cambro has a range of shelving that will never rust or corrode, made from food grade materials that are as strong as steel with a lifetime warranty against rust and corrosion.

Cambro StoreSafe products provide easy to use food safety storage solutions that will help to reduce cross contamination, maintain safe food temperatures and minimise food handling.

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*Copy supplied by Comcater