Preconfigured approach to business intelligence

TechnologyOne’s preconfigured Business Intelligence solution has enabled Logan City Council to implement the system quickly and easily, and realise immediate time and cost savings.

OneBI provides a set of preconfigured business intelligence dashboards, which have been developed in collaboration with hundreds of councils to meet the needs of the local government sector.

The out of the box solution reduces implementation time, cost and risk.

“From prior experience with other business intelligence systems, I baulked at the thought of having to pay consultants to take an endless amount of time to get the system up and running,” said Logan City Council Finance Manager, Robert Strachan.

“But the implementation of OneBI was painless, and we’ve found that TechnologyOne’s system is very simple to use.”

OneBI has since enabled Logan City Council to maximise the value of its data to gain strategic and operational efficiencies.

Logan City Council uses a number of TechnologyOne products as its core business systems, including TechnologyOne Financials, Supply Chain, Human Resources & Payroll (HRP), Asset Management and Enterprise Budgeting.
The council implemented OneBI to extract and deliver data from both
“You get the most value from having an enterprise system when you are able to expose the information stored in it.

“It was identified early on that we had millions of dollars worth of information going into the system, so the question was, how do we get it out?

“How you use your information can transform your organisation.

It was about needing to do more with less and working smarter.

Mr Strachan said the council was saving 700 hours a year by using OneBI to automate reporting.

“That translates to savings of about $700,000 and allows the branches to undertake other value-add activities.

“Rather than spending all their time trying to find the information, they can better utilise resources to provide an improved service to the public.

“And that’s what we’re all about.”