Online pet registration

Sutherland Shire Council residents can now register their dog or cat online on council’s website, a first in Australia.

Sutherland Shire Mayor, Steve Simpson said Sutherland Shire Council has led the way in many areas of responsible pet ownership through its use of technology, including the latest move to offer online registrations.

“Here in the Shire we have one of the highest rates of animal registrations in the state and by offering this new online service we are making it quick and easy to register your family pet.

“The days of having to visit council in person to register your new dog or cat are gone, so now everyone can be a responsible pet owner.”

State Government legislation requires that all dogs and cats must be microchipped at 12 weeks of age or before sale, whichever comes first, and lifetime registered on or before six months of age.

Council recently sent letters to some 700 dog and cat owners who have animals due for registration with the option of being the first to trial the new online registration process.

Shire Residents wanting to register need a credit card to pay the registration fee and a certificate of identification, plus proof of desexing and proof of pensioner concession if applicable.

Once the details and payment are verified, council updates the NSW Companion Animal Register and sends the owner a Certificate of Registration.
New technology such as iPads, SMS reminders and now online registrations are transforming the way council handles lost animals and is helping to increase the number of pets reunited with their owners.

Over the past 12 months, council officers have been using iPads to review microchipping and registration details in the field for animals found unattended in public.

As a result, more animals are being immediately returned to their owners rather than being impounded at Council’s Animal Shelter.

Council is also using SMS alerts to remind owners who have microchipped their animals to take the next mandatory step and lifetime register their animal, which has resulted in a significant increase in animal registrations.
Besides online registration, residents can also register their animals in person at council’s Customer Service Centre Counter, or submit a form via post.