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Dear LG Focus

The Hunter and Gloucester Valleys are the front line when it comes to the battle to protect land and water from the impacts of coal seam gas and it is disappointing Labor won’t stand up for our area.

It was Labor that approved these licences in the first place.

If they have come to recognise the risk it presents on the North Coast, why is it any different in the Hunter?

The Labor Party should also look at the impact gas exploration could have on local fishing grounds.

The Greens have a consistent policy when it comes to responsible mining.

We want agricultural land, water supplies, urban areas and sensitive environments ruled out from coal and gas exploration and mining.

This is a policy that extends across NSW, not just in cherry picked areas.
The question from voters will no doubt be, can Labor be trusted not to reverse this ban once the election is over?

Greens NSW MP and spokesperson on mining Jeremy Buckingham recently said, “It’s unfortunate that several prominent former Labor ministers have joined the gas industry.  

“Former federal resources minister, Martin Ferguson is now chair of the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA), while former climate change minister Greg Combet and trade minister Craig Emerson, are now lobbying for AGL and Mr Combet recently described himself as ‘having always been a fossil fuels man’.”

The message for the people of Newcastle and the wider Hunter is that the strongest voice against coal seam gas is a Greens one.

Kind Regards
Councillor Michael Osborne