Guidelines for climate adaptation

Article image - Guidelines for climate adaptation LGASA President, Mayor David O'Loughlin.

New guidelines to support Councils preparing for climate changes have been released by the Local Government Association of South Australia (LGASA) for consultation with Councils, communities and other key stakeholders.

"The Association has a long and successful history in supporting and encouraging Councils respond to changes in climate and protect the integrity of the more than $21 billion in community assets they manage each and every year,” said LGASA President, Mayor David O'Loughlin.

"Many communities around South Australia have already begun to prepare for changes in our weather patterns and rising sea levels.

"Since 2008 the LGA has been developing risk management strategies and strategic planning process that assist Councils to build resilience into how we plan and manage public assets and provide vital community functions and services.

“In 2013 the LGA undertook a comprehensive review of current climate change adaptation planning approaches at the local, state and national levels and as a result existing LGA procedures have been consolidated and updated into a best practice method for Councils and other key stakeholders."

Mayor O'Loughlin said the LGA recognised that this project could not have been developed without the assistance of several agencies including the Department of Environment, the CSIRO, Climate Adaptation Flagship, the Bureau of Meteorology and the Department of Environment Water and Natural Resources

The updated guidelines are now available for consultation and feedback and should be submitted to the LGA by Friday 7th of November 2014.

The document is available on the LGA website: