Energy efficient fit

Roper Gulf Regional Council in the Northern Territory will improve the energy efficiency of its nine regional offices following a grant of just over $500,000 from the Australian Government.

The funding grant will pay for the upgrading of insulation, energy efficient lighting and air conditioning, timer switches and solar hot water.

Improvements will provide both an improved working environment and long-term cost saving in operating these facilities.

Mayor Tony Jack has praised the program.

“Today’s cost will be tomorrows benefit.

“As well as the obvious cost saving for Council in both the short and long term, we are starting to manage what has been a costly and ultimately wasteful use of energy.

“We are also showing the community the benefits of reducing our carbon foot print.

“This is smarter thinking and good business.”

The energy efficiency improvements will also be used as a model demonstrating the benefits of improved energy management practices for both Council and the broader community.

Linked with the installation of newer and more efficient equipment, community education programs will also be launched looking at both energy and water conservation.

“I would like to acknowledge the generous Commonwealth Government funding,” said Mayor Jack.

“Without this project funding our improvements would have been a much slower process.

“Very remote and regional Councils do not normally have the economic base and disposable income to seed these important projects”.