Council signs Memorandum Of Understanding

The North East Catchment Management Authority(NECMA) and Alpine Shire Council have partnered for the benefit of local communities and the enviroment.

The organisations have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to ensure there is a collaborative effort on projects where objectives overlap. Council’s Director Infrastructure Services Ian Ellett said the MOU aimed to build on the working relationship between Council and NECMA.

“This is a way for us to gain a better understanding of what we each do and how that relates to environmental management.

“We anticipate a stronger partnership to deliver a wide range of benefits, including a shared approach to implementing key initiatives from
guiding documents.

“We look forward together to deliver essential priorities from Council’s Environment Strategy and NECMA’s Regional Catchment Strategy, which link closely together for the benefit of our local environment.

“We also aim to see a more streamlined approvals process for works on waterways and improved flood plain management.”

NECMA Chief Executive Officer Neil McCarthy said the MOU built on the organisations’ strong track record of working together on projects such as the Harrietville Fire Recovery project and the Myrtleford Regional Development Victoria project.

“These projects are both improving the natural environment and providing open space for the community to enjoy, which leads to an increase in the overall wellbeing.

“We’re dedicated to looking at how our two organisations can work together more efficiently and effectively to service our community.”