Australians trust local government

Article image - Australians trust local government LGAQ President Margaret de Wit

According to a national survey by Griffith University, local government remains the most trusted level of government in Australia.

The Constitutional Values Survey, conducted every two years since 2008, found that 58.9 percent of people surveyed had trust and confidence in local government to do a good job. 

In Queensland, the figure was 62.7 percent.

Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) President Margaret de Wit welcomed the results, saying they confirmed that local councils were the level of government closest to their communities.

“At a time when public regard for other levels of government seems to be dwindling, it is pleasing to see so many people value the work that their mayors and councils generally do for their communities.”

The survey found that 63 percent of those surveyed thought Australia’s current federal system of government worked well. 

This was a slight improvement on the previous survey, but still below the 2008 result, which suggested that 67.8 of Australians were satisfied with the federal system of government.

In another endorsement of the role of local councils, the findings of the Constitutional Values Survey also suggest most Queenslanders believe the lowest level of government should make decisions affecting the community.