Website for candidates goes live

The Local Government Association of South Australia (LGASA) has launched their Candidate’s Website for the November 2014 Local Government election, with almost 370 of the1,261 candidates personalising their profile entries.

LGASA CEO, Wendy Campana, said while all candidates have a presence on the website, 369 candidates for the 2014 Council Elections have chosen to add personal details and contact information to their webpage.

"I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the candidates who took the opportunity to use this free promotional forum to connect with voters.

"This is only the second time, with the legislative changes in 2010, that the LGA has offered this forum to candidates.

“In 2010 more than 330 candidates personalised their pages and this year the service has attracted greater interest, although we had hoped the response would have been better.

"Having a kind of one stop shop for voters to gather information about candidates also provides a bonus for voters who would not normally have access to this information until voter packs are posted out in the last week in October."

Every candidate’s profile at a minimum contains a photograph and a brief statement, provided to the Electoral Commission during the nomination process.

Ms Campana said in an ideal situation all candidates would have taken advantage of this promotional service but with the information supplied to the ECSA at least voters would be able to put faces to candidates' names.

The 2014 Council elections attracted a record 1,334 candidates, including 73 positions elected unopposed and a record number of 382 women standing for Councils across South Australia.

The number of Mayors and Councillors returned unopposed was the lowest on record resulting in 1,261 candidates vying for 629 positions.

Details for the 1,261 candidates are now available for viewing at